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Available Sunday - Thursday -
3 p.m. until 10 p.m.
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 The Alabama Virtual Library
Connecting you to a world of knowledge
Free access to a world of quality library information licensed for Alabama Citizens.

A password is NOT required for most Alabama residents
Salem Literature
Online access is available for the following titles:
The Critical Survey of Poetry
The Critical Survey of Long Fiction
The Critical Survey of Short Fiction
Masterplots, 4th edition
Library Access  Home Access

Print versions of these titles are available in the library's reference collection.

Encyclopędia Britannica Online Public Library Edition - Small LogoBritannica Online is available through the Alabama Virtual Library.  It includes a Learning Zone for PreK-2; School Edition for Elementary School (PreK-5 students); School Edition for Middle School Edition (students in grades 6-8) and School Edition for High School (students in grades 9-12).  A Spanish language version, Enciclopedia Juvenil, is available for ages 6-12 and Enciclopedia Universal en Espanol is available for older students and adults.

Accelerated Reader Information
Rainbow City Public Library's catalog records have been enhanced with searchable Accelerated Reader (AR) information, including point value and reading level
.  Use the study program search option to find AR titles the library owns.  Please verify the test is available at your school; some schools have access to all AR tests, others have purchased individual tests.  You may also search AR Bookfinder to find all AR titles by author, title, series, reading level and more.


General Reference
Alabama Virtual Library -- Access is free to Alabama residents through geolocation authentication.  Most residents will
not need a password for access within the state.

42 eXplore -- Explore over 100 topics across many content areas.
Internet Public Library Youth Division 
My Homework Helper
Multnomah County Library Homework Center
Outline Maps -- From Education Place

Alabama Resources
All about Alabama from the Alabama Department of Archives & History.
Alabama.gov -- Link to the Legislature's web site and all state agencies.
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Alabama Emblems & Symbols
Alabama Maps -- Historical and Contemporary Maps.
Alabama Mosaic -- AlabamaMosaic is a repository of digital materials on Alabama's history, culture, places, and people. 
The collection includes the Scarboro Collection from Gadsden Public Library.
Alabama State Symbols -- Alabama State symbols and facts from 50states.com.  Don't miss their Homework Help Toolbox
for studying all 50 states.

Encyclopedia of Alabama -- EOA is an ever-growing, comprehensive source of
information on the state's history, culture, geography, and environment.

K - College - Alabama Links -- Links to hundreds of Alabama related sites.

A+ Math
Flashcards for Kids --  Make your own flashcards.
Internet Public Library Kidspace:  Math
Science Fair Projects
Your Science Fair Project Resource Guide -- from the Internet Public Library
The Science Club
United States Government Resources
The Supreme Court of the United States
United States House of Representatives
United States Senate
The White House